Multicultural Children's Book Day
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Thank you for donating diverse books to support our mission of getting them into the hands of parents, teachers, and librarians. Celebrated annually on the last Thursday in January, this global non-profit offers a plethora of free resources, teaching tools, book lists, downloads, and a year-round initiative to get multicultural and diverse books into the hands of young readers. To date, we have donated over 10,800  books to underserved kids, classrooms, and organizations, and that number continues to climb.

We appreciate you!!

I agree to use the Reviewer information solely for the Multicultural Children's Book Day event.

I understand that my book(s) must fall into the Guidelines for a Multicultural/Diverse Children's Book. Multicultural children’s books are:

  • Books that contain characters of color as well as main characters that represent a minority point of view.
  • Books that are written by a diverse author of color or from their perspective. Search #ownvoices to discover diverse books written by diverse authors.
  • Books that share ideas, stories, and information about cultures, races, religions, languages, and traditions.
  • These books can be non-fiction but still written in a way that kids will find entertaining and informative.
  • Books that embrace special needs or even “hidden disabilities” like ADHD, ADD, and anxiety.


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